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RockStar Pure Zero Energy 16oz

This energy drink comes in 2 flavors; Silver Ice and Punched Both flavors of Rockstar Pure Zero are pretty tasty and easy to drink. Here's what each tastes like:

Silver Ice: This one is a mix between Squirt Soda and Fresca. Not as sweet as Squirt but sweeter than Fresca. It has the same crisp grapefruit/citrus flavor, which I've always found appealing.

Punched: This reminds me of a carbonated version of Hawaiian Punch, but not as sweet. Of the two, I prefer the Silver Ice since I find that flavor more refreshing.

Three artificial sweeteners are used to give Pure Zero a more sugar-like taste and it succeeds pretty well since there is just a slight aftertaste. Erythritol, Ace-K, and Sucralose make up the Pure Zero sweetener trifecta.


Great Taste!