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Keto Meal Plan

This plan includes a face to face or phone call conversation with myself and the client. We will discuss what you wish you achieve with the Keto diet, and any dietary restrictions that you may have. This plan will include a personalized written Keto Diet plan with specific Macro's for each meal and snack. 

We will discuss food preferences, and dietary restrictions. This will allow me to make a unique plan specifically for you.

In our meeting we will also discuss what the Keto diet really is, how it works, and the guidelines you must follow in order to be successful. 

This plan is for customers who want a specific outline for their diet. It includes meals, snacks, and recipes for everything on your plan. This meal plan will also include macro specifics for each meal and snacks that you are to consume daily. This will help you better understand calories and macros for when you no longer want to follow the diet, or when you want to take your diet into your own hands. Along with a walkthrough of Keto friendly applications to use in order to keep track of your complete Keto transformation!

This plan also includes the well known "Fat Head Bagels". Every month you will be eligible to have a free 12pack of these bagels in various flavors!

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