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HUZZAH Probiotic Seltzer, Healthy Sparkling Water, Low Calorie & Low Sugar, Delicious Bubbly Water, Strawberry & Hibiscus, 12 Fl. Oz Cans

12 PK OF 12oz cans
  • SPARKLING PROBIOTIC - Support your everyday health with added probiotics in each sparkling flavor. Huzzah is a pure refreshing drink that can support energy and digestion due to the live probiotic culture found in our ingredient list. This makes our drink a highly enjoyable AND healthy seltzer.
  • SUPPORT GUT HEALTH - Each sip can be beneficial towards your gut health to support immunity. In addition, each can only has 3g of sugar and 15 calories... making it the perfect healthy natural seltzer option! Our sparkling water ingredients include carbonated water, organic fermented, black tea extract, organic cane sugar, organic green tea, live probiotic (bacillus coagulans), and organic ginger root.
  • VARIETY OF REFRESHING FLAVORS - Experience the crisp taste our 3 delicious botanical flavors: Juicy Pear, Raspberry & Lemon or Strawberry & Hibiscus. (Include 6 cans per pack).
  • EXTREMELY SATISFYING - Replace boring sugar free soda or carbonated water with Huzzah. Because there are no artificial flavors or sugars, you can enjoy your tasty bubbly beverage and feel wonderful at the same time! Try it for yourself!