RockStar Energy 16oz

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  • Case of 24 16-ounce cans of energy drink (total of 384 ounces)
  • Enhanced with potent herbal blend of guarana, ginkgo, ginseng and milk thistle
  • Scientifically formulated to provide an energy boost for those who lead active lifestyles
  • Refreshing and lightly carbonated
  • Speeds recovery time and fuels your busy life
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  • Great Taste
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  • Sugar Free Listed under KETO


Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink is a hydration/energy drink hybrid from Rockstar Energy. It has the standard energy blend but added electrolytes, prickly pear cactus juice, and only 20 calories per can as compared with regular Rockstar.


Xdurance-Rockstar XDurance Energy Drink is labeled as a performance energy drink targeted to athletes. They've thrown in an extra helping of branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and electrolytes, yet spared the sugar rush by only delivering 2 grams per can.

(Like Bang,Reign,Redline Etc)