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Monster Ultra 16oz cans, 24 Count

  • ZERO SUGAR | The Zero Sugar and Low-Calorie version of Original Monster Energy. People have been blowin’ up our inbox for years asking for a low-calorie Monster. We got it, but this ain’t soda pop, dude! Making a low-calorie, zero sugar drink that’s good enough to earn the Monster ‘M’ ain’t that easy. Finally, with a re-tooled energy blend, new sweetener system and after hundreds of failed flavors, we absolutely got it right!
  • STOCK UP WITH A 24 PACK | For those looking for a low-calorie, sugar-free offering from Monster Energy, Monster Energy Zero Sugar is available in a convenient pack of 24.
  • Comes in 16oz Cans, 24 Cans Per Case
  • Variety Pack #1 Red, White and Blue 8 each flavor
  • Variety Pack #2  2 of each -  12 flavor
  • Variety Pack # 3 4 of each  - Red, Sunrise, Violet and Black
$43.00 $47.00