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We are the First and ONLY company to be open and honest about your complete Wellness!
Chip off the old block!

Our Story

I use to weigh 400 pounds but with hard work, discipline, and countless days that I wanted to quit I found the drive to push forward. There were days I would cry because it was so difficult, and days that I just didn't think I could do it any more. BUT with The KETO Diet, and continued dedication I overcame obesity and kept the weight off. Even to this day.

The Goal of this company was to do 2 things, One to ensure that everyone had access to great tasting healthy foods at a relatively low cost. The second is to offer great energy drinks and snacks delivered to your door with ease and peace of mind.

Our Locations

1725 N 42nd BAY 8 68111
Omaha, Nebraska

Charlotte, NC


Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm
Saturday, CLOSED
Sunday, CLOSED